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    In 1950 the Lord moved on the heart of the late Elder George Miller.  At that time he was Assistant Pastor of Faith Holy Temple, C.O.G.I.C., then located at 219 Pine Street, Camden,  N.J.  This was an answer to the prayers of the late Mother Marguerite Rogers and the late Sister Janie Pryor, both of Front St., Palmyra, N.J.  With the help of Sister Pryor, a humble dwelling, a car garage, was found around the corner on Market St.  On Easter Sunday morning,  April 9, 1950 .Miller’s Temple, Church of God in Christ was founded.  Elder Miller’s first members were his wife, the late Mother Martha Miller and the late Sister Izelia Harrison.  The late Sister Janie Pryor became his first convert.  As the congregation expanded, one year later on Easter Sunday it was necessary to rent the other half of the garage.  He removed the partition to make room for his growing congregation.  As the membership continued to grow, it became necessary to find a larger place to worship.  A lot was purchased  on Washington Street., which is now Kennedy Street., as the site of the new edifice.  Many came to offer assistance such as the late Elder F. Morangne, the late Elder Baker, the late Elder E.A. Reid and many more.  Trials were many, but progress was the outcome of it all. 

    On Easter Sunday, April 10, 1955, we were able to march in to the new Church singing praises to the Lord. God has blessed and many souls have been saved.  Some have gone on to other fields of labor, and some have been called home, as has the late Elder & Mother George Miller.  Today, we are celebrating our Anniversary, thanks to our Founder and our late pastor, Elder George Miller. We are thankful that the work of the Lord continues. Elder Walter Pryor served as Pastor from 1999 until his health caused him to resign. In 2008 God sent our anointed Pastor Tommie L. Smith, Jr. to minister here. We are truly blessed and are making great strides under his leadership. Today as we celebrate our Anniversary with grateful hearts for the hard work and dedication of our Founder, Elder George Miller, we look forward with much anticipation to a bright future in the Lord

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